I Buy Broken Electronic Music Equipment

I buy broken music gear. As a rule I do not do repairs for you. Most of the gear I buy is used to make repair or informational videos, or to identify trouble areas. I pay 20% of what the item is worth working based on average sales in the current market based on recent ebay sales, and the condition of your unit. I will certainly take donations of gear of any type.

Guinea Pig Plan: If you own a unit, and I haven't yet documented it, or need another one, and are willing to pay round trip shipping, and are willing to risk permanent destruction in case a repair attempts fails miserably, then I would certainly be willing to fix it for you FREE. What I get out of it is another opportunity to learn about something I haven't worked on, and provide a technical reference video on Youtube for other's to benefit from. What you get is a chance at having something working again that might otherwise just be trashed.

Payment example: If you own an AKAI MPK Mini, which sells for $65 average over the past two weeks for working items, I would pay you about $15. A Juno 106 would pay quite a bit more.

Shipping: I will pay for shipping, buy only after I receive the item and verify it's what you say it is. This prevents people from sending me "junked" units. If you send me an item, I say it's junked, then you need to pay to have it returned. After 30 days here it's mine.

What I buy: non working units that are cosmetically sound, have all knobs, and have not been opened or worked on.

What I don't buy: Items that are gutted, previously worked on or opened, or full of various lifeform (bugs) or remains thereof. Items that a worth less than $50 when working ( unless you want to donate ) are simply not cost effective. Pawn shops and service shops have tried to dump trash through me, and services like me, which is why all payments are subject to approval.

How it works:

First we talk via email. Use this site's contact form to start a dialogue. I may ask you to send photos, or describe the issue the device is having in detail. If we agree on a price, or the "guinea pig" plan, then you'll pack and ship the item to me. I'll inspect it. If all is well I send a payment via paypal. If you misrepresented your item, I'll let you know and you'll have 30 days to provide a return label for me to send it back. If you're local in the Orlando area, then we can arrange drop off / pick up.


#1 - NO REPAIRS ARE GUARANTEED. Things break, things happen, things are things. If a guinea pig item fails when returned then that's that. You're only out your shipping costs and never paid me anything anyway. I am kinda busy and can't spend days in some piece of gear you seem to think I somehow did you wrong over.

#2 - You get what you give. You may think I've swapped your unit and sent back another. I really don't need the $$$ to waste time here, and reputation is everything. Here's a simple fix: take photos and record your serial numbers. Also a small mark or etching on the back identifying it wouldn't hurt. I can assure you that I WILL take a photo of it and keep a record of it.

#3 - Yes, you really do need to pay the shipping charges and, yes, I will reimburse you if I decide to keep the unit that you want to sell me. Donation units are dealt with on a case by case basis. Guinea pig units do not get shipping refunds.

#4 - YES - you really CAN wind up having your item repaired for FREE under the "Guinea Pig" plan.

I'm sure there is #5,#6, and #7 but I'll make up those rules later.

It all starts with a dialogue, so click here to speak with me.


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