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About Ken Anthony: Programmer since somewhere in the 80s', electronics design and repair even longer, musician ( guitar ) even longer than that. I love well adjusted guitars, products that come with schematics, disabling OS interupts, and anything by the Pixies ...

About This Site: I sell parts, I fix things, I program computers, I play guitar... I do a few things. This site isn't really intended to be the biggest ecommerce venture in the world - it's here for me to share to of the things I've learned, and sell a few parts while I'm at it.

Some parts are packaged kits from "how to" videos I've done on Youtube, others are items I've made due to obsolescence in certain obscure product lines, others are just staples, and some are just surplus, auction, or finds from other venues. I have no intention of making this a large, or complicated website - it's purpose is simple - to present the handful of items I've found useful to others who may also find them useful.

In either case, when you buy from me, you're buying from me. If you have a question, just ask. If you need something I don't have, just ask. You'll never get a computer when you call.

Some Thoughts: Since the 80s I've done hardware programming and interfacing ( stepper motors, relays, drive, automation ) using old school DOS, COCO, and wire wrapped processor boards. However, I'm really impressed with what the Arduino people are doing. I recently used one to built a device to test and chart power supply performance and the entire process took less time than it would to even THINK of the design, hardware, and programming of doing it any other way. I know C so programming was easy, but not having to generate PWM via cyclic looping almost made me sad that I treated that as microcontroller magic. I used to take great pride in writing that sort of code. Sigh :(

The Arduino board was less that $10, it already had PWM to drive a mosfet current limiter, A/D input to read the power supply and current load, and USB to communicate the the computer, which ran PHP under UBUNTU to control the Arduino board. The first test was up in under an hour. The complete debugged and efficiency coding of the project less than a weekend and the best part is I've got spare boards for pennies should one go on fire for any reason. Nice.

KUDOS Arduino people - this new "open source hardware" initiative leads me to believe we're on the forefront of great changes.


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